Mama’s Say “Yes” Challenge- Printable

Our kids are filled to the brim with requests for our time! Sadly, it is so easy for us as moms to push them away, brushing off their exuberant requests and pleading eyes. “Not now” or “I’m too busy” are phrases that fall so effortlessly from our lips. In our busyness, we often forget that this is the last “today” we will ever have with these loud, crazy, lovely children of ours.

Tomorrow they will be a little older. The tantrums and squabbles will fade with time but so will the requests to “watch me one more time,” the sweet lisp pleading for us to play a game, the pudgy hands clutching ours to pull us outside, the little one waking in the night just to be together.

What if this season is the one in which we simply chose to say “yes” to those million little moments? Yes to the thousand questions they ask, yes to the pudgy hand in ours, yes to one more book, yes to the time spent outside, yes to the messes, yes to rocking them to sleep on tear-soaked nights, and yes to walking the path of Christ’s love one day at a time. Perhaps in those moments, we will find the sweetest treasure of childhood!

Let’s love these precious children of ours just as Jesus does; we have them with us for such a short while. Our lives will one day be cleaner and less chaotic, we won’t feel so much like we are on the verge of losing our minds, but our sweetest ones will be grown. Will you choose to love this time with them and to jump feet first into the joyful “YES” of mothering?!

Print out this challenge sheet so you can say “yes” too!  Every time you choose to say yes to a fun request from your children that you would normally turn down, shade in one of the increments on the chart. When you reach the top, treat yourself to something yummy!

Click this link to print the challenge!

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