Mom Tip in Action: Kids in the Kitchen

Hey mamas! Truth time!

I struggle with letting my kiddos in the kitchen. Lately, I’ve really been convicted about letting go of all the excuses as to why I haven’t or “can’t” let them in the kitchen with me, or even by themselves for my older ones. Truthfully its all selfish reasons. I’m not always patient enough, I didn’t make enough time allowances to allow them to “help”, I don’t want to deal with the mess or chaos of it, it’s inconvenient, the list goes on and on.

I know my kids love cooking though. All 5 of them. Probably because I love it and they want to share that with me and because food is a big part of our family. Our love language. Who am I to hold that back from them?

So, (sighhhhh) little by little I’ve been letting go of all my excuses, digging a little deeper into my patience pocket and letting my littles help with dinner more and my bigs make lunch once or twice a week on their own for everyone. And ya know what? I survived. They survived. The look of pride and joy on their face, more than worth the extra effort.

Last night my boys helped make dinner. It was still in the oven baking when daddy got home. The first thing my 3 year old told him when he walked in the door, “Daddy, you’re gonna be soooo excited. We made an awesome dinner. It’s soooo yummmmyyy!!!!”

Guys, its sooo worth it. Not only are you creating memories, you’re teaching a life skill, building confidence, and teaching responsibility. If you haven’t, or like me, just don’t always want to, just give it a try. Your kids will thank you.

If you already cook with your kids what are some things you make together? If you are just starting, what are you going to try making? Share your favorites with us below!

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