Mom Tips: Serving

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit…” John 15:5

The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit!

  • Listen to a Help Club for Moms video from our Facebook page and journal about what you learned. Be sure to grab a load of laundry to fold as you listen.
  • Meditate on Acts 1:8. Jesus promises us the Holy Spirit will give us power and ability to witness. Ask the Lord for a fresh anointing and boldness to share the gospel with others.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband!

  • Give your husband a massage. It could be a quick 5-minute shoulder or foot rub. Perhaps, after the kids are put to bed, you could treat him to a longer, fancier massage with massage oil and relaxing music.
  • Ask your mother-in-law or husband what meal was considered special when he was growing up. Plan to surprise him with it!

The Wise Woman Loves Her Children!

  • Every morning this week, wake up in the morning for your children instead of to your children. There is a difference. Set an alarm if you need to, to ensure that you wake up before your children. Smile and greet your family with love and remind them that this is the day that the Lord has made and we should rejoice.
  • Read your children the story of the little boy who gave two fish and five pieces of bread when asked by Jesus’ disciples (John 6:1-15). Talk about how the little boy had the generous heart of a servant and how Jesus used his gift to perform a miracle! Jesus can do big things through your children if they choose to serve Him!

The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home!

  • Get in the habit of making a “6 Most Important” list before you go to bed. Ask God for what He thinks are your most important tasks for the next day, and write down the top six. Cross them off during the day as you accomplish them.
  • Pray that God will fill your heart with joy this week as you serve your family and care for your home. Don’t underestimate the impact a mother’s joyful service has for God’s kingdom. Feel blessed in your special calling this week!
Deb Weakly

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