Mom Tips: Thanksgiving Week One

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit…” John 15:5

The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit!

  • Continue writing in your gratitude journal and start each day with a grateful heart. Write five blessings each day this week.
  • Memorize Psalm 107:1. What a great verse to remind us to have a thankful heart!

The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband!

  • Plan a night to sit with your husband after your children have gone to bed. Be sure to tell him what you appreciate and admire about him.
  • If your husband likes sports, watch a game with him. Show interest and excitement for his team.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Children!

  • Create a Thanksgiving journal that can be added to each year. Pass it around the table each year at Thanksgiving and have your guests record what they are thankful for. This makes beautiful “thankful” memories for years to come!
  • Make “turkey tickets” for Thanksgiving dinner. Prepare long strips of paper and give one to each of your children the day before Thanksgiving. Ask them to write down all of their blessings, fun memories from the past year, and things they can say “thank you” to God for. They must bring the turkey ticket to the table filled out in order to receive their Thanksgiving meal. Sharing what is written on the turkey tickets makes for a fun family tradition!

The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home!

  • Clean out your refrigerator to prepare for Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • Burn holiday candles, the yummy ones; cinnamon apple, oatmeal cookie, etc. The scent helps create an atmosphere of a homey refuge.
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