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Hello Friends,

Let’s ponder the idea of growing in Christ, recognizing that Jesus provides the good soil in which to nurture our children. It’s not all on us. We are sinners, frequently falling short of our Father’s perfect parenting. We need grace upon grace! Am I right? Be encouraged that Jesus never, ever expects us to be perfect moms, not even close!

We mamas can be our own worst critics, focusing on what we aren’t doing “right” for our kiddos instead of the good we accomplish. Dwelling on the negative causes much anxiety and stress. Rather, let’s remember that all of our attempts at reaching our kids’ hearts for the Lord or training their character are tiny seeds planted in fertile soil. We don’t know when God will choose to water and grow our fruit, but we can feel confident that we have placed it in the hands of the perfect and most careful gardener. So mama, take some pressure off of yourself to perform. Your only job is to remain faithful and to trust! Jesus takes our seemingly small attempts (seeds) to nudge our kids in His direction, and turns them into a beautiful harvest we never even imagined!

Stay faithful in the small things, mama. You are doing great! Jesus loves those kids of yours more than you can ever know. Trust that what you are doing is enough and that God is smiling as He thinks of you!

In love,
Krystle Porter and the Help Club for Moms Team

“If your children enter adulthood with a clear concept of who God is and what He wants them to do, you will have achieved the greatest accomplishment in life.” Dr. James Dobson

Krystle Porter

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