Mothering with Deb: Encouragement for Moms with Teens and Young Adults

Parenting teens and young adults can feel impossible in today’s culture, BUT GOD can help you guide your kids into adulthood and still maintain a close relationship. All things are possible with God, even raising up godly kids in a crazy world! Join Deb for this week’s Mothering Monday for encouragement and practical ideas to help you raise your children with joy!

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Deb Weakly

3 Comments on “Mothering with Deb: Encouragement for Moms with Teens and Young Adults”

  1. I have 2 young adult children, 1 pre-teen and 2 youngers. My YA children are beautiful, caring, compassionate, yet competitive and individual. My pre-teen is humorous and sporty. My youngers are creative, quirky and genuine. We are a blended family with a challenging co-parenting situation. Please pray for meekness, humble minds and patient hearts. That we raise our kids in love, respect and with good morals and ethics.

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