Mothering with Deb: Three Tips for a Closer Marriage

Mama, does your marriage need a tune-up? Has it gone dry and stale? It’s so easy to grow apart from your husband, especially when you have children in the home. But God! He will help you and your husband draw near to each other. Join Deb for this week’s Mothering video for encouragement and practical advice to help you and your husband draw near to each other.


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Deb Weakly

One Comment on “Mothering with Deb: Three Tips for a Closer Marriage”

  1. Hello beautiful Deb,
    Continued prayer for my healing in my spine and neck. My husband has some tendon issues in his left ankle, persistent for over 3 months now and he can hardly walk. Continued prayer for my daughter, Chloe. That she would listen for God’s voice. She is so lost, yet she knows where her hope comes from. She is 26 and is making choices that Satan enjoys, her books, her movies, her friends, her life. Please pray for her salvation and that the truth of our savior floods her heart and her mind. Put situations in her life and people in her path that force her to see what she is denying. Thank you for the many blessings that we do have, health, home, love, food, employment, transportation. Thank you Lord and thank you Deb!

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