Mothering with Oluseye: Embracing Gratitude

As we approach the halfway mark of the year 2023 and bid farewell to the beautiful month of June, let’s gather together virtually for a Live session.

Join us as we embark on a heartfelt journey of embracing gratitude and reflecting on the blessings that have unfolded in our lives.

In a world that often moves at a dizzying pace, it’s easy to lose sight of the abundant goodness surrounding us. This is an opportunity to pause, reset, and cultivate a spirit of thankfulness. Together, we will explore the transformative power of gratitude and how it can infuse our everyday lives with joy, resilience, and renewed perspective.
During our live session, we will delve into practical strategies for nurturing a grateful heart, even amidst the challenges and busyness of motherhood. We’ll share scriptural wisdom that reminds us of God’s faithfulness and encourage us to offer Him our heartfelt thanks.



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