Our Needs are God’s Opportunity to Reveal His Generosity

2 Kings 4:1-7 contains a short, but powerful story. (Take a minute to read it!)


A woman has lost her husband, a man who followed and loved God. When her husband died, his widow is left with debts she could not pay. The debt collectors are now telling the woman she must give her sons over to become slaves to cover the debt.


She is devasted. She lost her husband. She is now about to lose her sons.

Some would be angry with God in this moment. “God, my husband served YOU! How could you leave me in this situation?”


Instead of turning her back on God, she turns to God by going to Elisha and explaining the situation.


Elisha asks what she has.



Her first response is “nothing.”


Then she remembers she has a tiny bit of oil, so Elisha asks her to gather as many jars as she can, to go into her home, close the door, and use that oil to fill the jars.


She begins to pour the oil into the empty jars until every jar is full. Elisha then tells her to sell the oil, pay the debts, and live on whatever is left.


Here are THREE important lessons that stood out to me in this story:


1. If she would have abandoned God, she would have probably died a bitter, angry woman because she would have never given God the opportunity to do this miracle.


2. God and his miracle oil didn’t run out – the jars ran out!! God always has MORE THAN ENOUGH to cover what we need.


3. The widow at first said she had nothing to offer. We, as women and as moms, sometimes feel like we have nothing to offer God or our families. All the woman had was ‘a little bit’ – God doesn’t need much to work with. Give him what you have.


“Our needs are God’s opportunity to reveal His generosity and goodness toward us.” -Erwin McManus


Don’t forget that God is able to do “immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)


Turn towards your loving Father today, offer Him whatever you have, and watch what He will do!



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3 Comments on “Our Needs are God’s Opportunity to Reveal His Generosity”

  1. This was so good Kathryn! The Lord is faithful to multiply and do mighty things in and for us, when we give Him what we have to use, even if it’s just a little bit that sometimes seems useless to us. Like her little bit of oil that she suddenly remembered having!! We in turn can encourage and help others with their needs with the overflow of abundance that is given us!

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