Power of a Praying Mom

Mama, are you tired?

Do you ever wonder if you are failing?

Do you feel like you just aren’t enough for this ‘mom’ job?

Jesus understands what you are going through! He had 12 disciples and I imagine it felt to Jesus like having 12 children. Now granted, they were all potty trained and dressed themselves but still…

  • they didn’t always listen to him,
  • they fought over who was his favorite
  • they fell asleep when he desperately needed their help
  • one betrayed him.

Jesus gets it. He understands our exhaustion and frustrations. He wants to help us.

Here are some ways to partner with him throughout the day.


I like to start my day with coffee and Jesus. Start your day by asking for HELP! 

Dear God, Help me to be the mom you want me to be. Speak through me. Love through me. Help me to be PRESENT and engaged. Holy Spirit fill me. (Holy Spirit is God in us!)


Just like we prefer a mid-day cup of coffee…don’t forget your midday cry for HELP! 

God is available all day long. When you are tired, He gives your Strength. When you need wisdom, ASK! The Holy Spirit will reveal things you need to know about your children.


Nighttime can be so hard because we are exhausted by the end of the day. But again, ask for HELP!

Bedtime is an important time to invest in your children because kids are most vulnerable at bedtime. They will suddenly share things that they haven’t said all day. I take time to climb into bed with each of my boys – to listen, sing a song and say a prayer.

Let me share an awesome story about how our nightly prayer time had an impact on one of my boys.

Each night when I prayed with George, I prayed 5 Ls. I asked that God would help him to be:
–       a strong LEADER,
–       a good LISTENER,
–       a fast LEARNER, and
–       to know God’s LOVE and show God’s LOVE.
I got his report card and his teacher wrote that George has “Enthusiasm for LEARNING, is a superstar LISTENER and is a Kind to his classmates!”
 It thrills my heart to see how God answered our prayer so specifically!

What not to pray:

  • Shaming words like “God, help Jonny not be so naughty.”

What TO pray:

  • Scripture: “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!” 2 Tim 1:7
  • Words that inspire and build them up: Thank you Lord for making my son strong and courageous, kind and bold!”

Not sure what to pray? I’ve had the The Power of a Praying Parent book since becoming a mom and love it! It gives specific prayers to pray over your children for various topics.

Remember that God chose YOU to be the mom to your children and wants to help you be the best mama that you can be! If you have a bad day, that’s ok, we all do. We get a new start every day. Please know that You are loved by your Heavenly Father, you are chosen! You have what it takes.


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