Prayers for a Mother’s Day: A Prayer for My Children

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52 ESV

I love today’s key Scripture; it shows Jesus’s humanity so beautifully.

It’s beautiful because it shows that even Jesus had to increase in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. He also had to nurse, have his diapers changed, and even had to learn how to walk- just like our kids.

As I read this Scripture, I see the importance of asking God to make our children like Jesus- to grow to be healthy, to grow intellectually in their learning, to establish good life habits, to learn how to get along with people, to have the blessing and favor of the Lord on their lives, and to excel in the wisdom of God.

Mama, God wants us to think bigger about our children’s lives and ASK Him for MORE! Ask God to bless your children more than they can ask or imagine and for them to be movers and shakers in their generation for Jesus!

Pray this prayer with me…

“Lord, Please bless my children. Enlarge their influence. Cause them to be movers and shakers in their generation for Christ.”

He loves answering your faith-filled prayers! Can you imagine how God will answer? It will be more than your wildest dreams!

I’m standing in faith with you for my descendants too! I want God to do GREAT things in their lives and use them as He did David- to do the will of God in their own generation. He will answer your prayers, Mama, and oh, the amazing lives they will live for Him as we ask!


Deb and the Help Club for Moms Team


Deb Weakly

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