Save the Date!!

 Save the Date! 

February 19th, we will be breaking from our study for a few weeks to observe Lent together. We are calling it “Come to the Garden”. Did you know that Jesus was in the garden the night before He was crucified crying out to God? Jesus is always waiting for us… always waiting for us….and friends, he wants to hear from you and he wants to speak to you, personally. Are you hurting? Are you struggling? Have you been waiting to hear from God?

The absolute beauty of having a relationship with Jesus is that we get to hear directly from him. He cares. He knows what you are going through, and He wants to encourage & uplift you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Join us in this 15/5 Challenge. We will be spending 15 minutes each day in God’s word together, five days per week, Monday through Friday. God’s word is POWERFUL and His wisdom for each of our family puzzle’s is the BEST you can find. 

Don’t forget to grab a friend or two to join you!


Deb Weakly

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