Self Control Mom Tips Week 2

“The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1a

The Mom Tips are meant to enhance your life and role as a Christian wife, mom, discipler of your children, homemaker, and friend.

Simply pray about which ideas to try and keep this list on your fridge all week. Check them off as you accomplish them. You can also do more than what is suggested. We all are in different stages of our lives. You do you!

Do what you can and celebrate the fact that you added something new to enhance your life!

The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit:

  • Turn off the television this week. Pick up a book you have been meaning to read or write a letter to a friend.
  • Memorize Psalm 51:10 (I like the King James Version). Write it on a notecard for your car or on your chalkboard.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband:

  • Pray Romans 12:2-3 over your Husband this week. Write it in your prayer journal.
  • Text your Husband and tell him what a great dad he is. Be specific about something he did recently.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Children:

  • When telling your Children Yes or No this week, make it a point to let the decision stand. Do not go back on your word. Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.
  • Make Mothers Day Cards with your Children this week. Use different objects in your kitchen for stamps. We like to use potatoes, the bottom of celery bunches and apples.

The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home:

  • Put away each load of laundry this week immediately after folding. Do not let the pile linger in your laundry staging area.
  • Take a break from the Internet. Do Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram cause you to neglect your housework or family? Maybe it is time to turn off the computer and spend time with those loving faces in your home.
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3 Comments on “Self Control Mom Tips Week 2”

  1. I think on these things often-the hard part is exercising that self control and putting the ideas into action. Thank you for the extra motivation!

  2. Such good and practical ideas! I love the one saying to text your husband to tell him he’s a good Father. Also the laundry one! Thanks Leslie!

  3. These are great tips for this week! I look forward to unplugging a bit more and being more diligent about designating a set time to check the phone, etc… Thank you!

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