Sowing Seeds

Easter Day 9

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field; and this is smaller than all other seeds, but when it is full grown, it is larger than the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in it’s branches.” Matthew 13:31-32

“There is no greater task than to plant the seed of God’s truth into your children’s hearts.”


  • Hello, Moms! Today’s Bible Study is going to be a little different! We want to give you a fun, practical Easter Bible study to do with your children. Your children will be learning about Jesus’ death and resurrection while planting seeds. Like a parable (a simple story used to illustrate a spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels), it includes big truths about Jesus in a way that your children will remember.
  • Before you begin, read Matthew 13:31-32 with your children.

Sowing Seeds

As you are spending this precious time with your children remember -there is no greater task than to plant the seeds of God’s truth into your children’s hearts.

At our house we adore flowers! They add so much joy to our lives!

This year for Easter we are starting sunflower seeds in eggshells. It is fitting for Easter and a great way to start seedlings here in the chilly state of Colorado. When the plants are ready, they can be planted directly into the ground.

For our project, we used sunflower seeds. We had a great example of a dead sunflower in our neighborhood that we often pass on our walks. In fact, we decided to use the seeds from this very sunflower!


1. Choose any seed that your children would enjoy growing.

2. Prepare your eggshells by cutting off the top portion and emptying the egg. Poke a small hole using a thumbtack or needle in the bottom of the eggshell to allow your plant to drain. Gently clean the eggshells to kill any bacteria that may be present. Allow them to dry, place them back in the egg carton and fill with potting soil. Now you are ready for devotion time!

3. Grab your Bible, planting materials, and gather your children. Read John 12:24 and the following devotion together. You can fill each eggshell with dirt and plant the seeds as you are talking about Jesus.

Object Lesson:

Read John‬ ‭12: 24‬ NIRV out loud to your children. (This is the reader’s version Bible intended for children).

Say: What do Jesus and these seeds have in common? Let’s read the Bible and find out!

What I’m about to tell you is true. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only one seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. John 12:24 NIRV

Jesus told his disciples that He is like a grain of wheat or seed that died and was planted into the ground, just like the seed that we are planting into the eggshell.

When a plant dies, it gives us the seeds inside. What kind of plant did our seeds come from?

Inside of every seed is new life waiting to come out! Just like a plant had to die for our seeds to come out and Jesus had to die on the cross for our new life to come.

What do you think will happen after our seeds have been planted for a few days?

They will come up out of the dirt as a little sprout! Just like Jesus Rose from the grave on the third day!
He brought us life and abundance of fruit and so will our little seed!

What kind of fruit will our plant produce? What kind of fruit did Jesus produce when he rose from the dead?

He gave us:

Our sins washed cleaned!
Right standing with our Father!
Eternal life with our Father!
The Holy Spirit with us always!

Pray: Thank you, Father, for your amazing plan to save us! Every time we look at our beautiful plants we are going to think of how much you love us and how we get to live with you forever and ever!

Faith-Filled idea

  • Have your children keep a simple journal detailing the progress of their plants. For an inexpensive journal, fold a few pieces of paper in half and staple them.
  • Instruct your child to sketch and document the growth of their plants along with the truths the Lord is teaching them over the spring and summer. Make sure to include a photograph of the beginning and end of the process!


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Give hope, prayer, and encouragement below. Post a comment & talk about it.

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  1. Tara this is so great! Thanks for sharing and I am excited to do this with my girls. You are an awesome mommy my friend. 🙂

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