Stuff those Stockings with Memories


My #1 favorite idea EVER for a Christmas stockings stuffer is…a JOURNAL.

You may be wondering WHY I’d recommend such a basic (boring?) thing.

Let me explain…

Buy your child(ren), yourself, and your spouse, a Christmas themed journal and pen.

I found journals at the Dollar Tree.

Write the following questions inside each journal (one question per page):

  • What was your favorite book or movie this year?
  • What is one happy memory from this year?
  • What is one thing you learned?
  • What did God do in your life this year?
  • What are you looking forward to next year?

After the stockings are opened, have everyone take a few minutes to answer the questions in their journals.

Feel free to play some Christmas music and drink hot chocolate during this time.

I allow my little ones to draw pictures in their journals. I also help them write down their thoughts.

After everyone is finished do two things:

  1. Have each person share their answers.
  2. Put the journal back in the stockings for next year.

Not only will you get to reflect on good memories from THIS year as you talk about your answers, but you will also get to look back on things you’ve learned, remember what God has done, and relive some happy memories.

Merry Christmas friends!


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