Supernatural Mom Mothering Kit: Spiritual Inheritance in April

Stepping Into Your Birthright: Navigating Your Spiritual Inheritance as a Mom

April is a month of new growth, and while this season gains traction for “new things,” it can be essential to know from Whom we come! Join us for our My Help Club for Moms Mothering Kit as we dive into our April topic:

“In God, our inheritance knows no bounds- our portion is as vast as our willingness to embrace it. Let’s not settle for a mere fraction of what’s rightfully ours in Christ. Instead, let’s courageously claim the abundance of blessings awaiting us as heirs of God’s kingdom!”

So, are you ready to take your faith to new depths and embrace your supernatural calling as a mom? Let Help Club for Moms walk with you!

Are you a mom who:

  • Wants to know the Holy Spirit more intimately and learn how to live by His power and strength?
  • Yearns to receive mentoring from seasoned women who have walked the road of supernatural motherhood?
  • Seeks to fill your home with soul-refreshing worship from a devoted worship pastor?
  • Dreams of receiving breakthrough teaching about a Spirit-filled marriage that can help your relationship with your husband thrive and grow?
  • Hungers to receive teaching and resources to help you teach your children how to live out a new life in Christ?
  • Desires to gain wisdom and resources to help you cultivate a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled home?

We would love the opportunity to mentor you and help you become the wife, woman, and mother that you were created to be!

Click Here to Join Now!

Deb Weakly

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