Taking Time to Cherish your Children

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We all love our children, but it’s so easy to forget to show it when we’re busy and stressed! We have some simple ways to squeeze in quality time with your kids.

Heather Doolittle

When I was seven, I learned about God over ice cream at a friend's church. As I grew older and experienced real trials, I rejected religion and rebelled. Logically, I believed God existed, but I didn't see His Goodness or Love. I met my husband Mike during that time, and we accidentally started a family. God used my unplanned pregnancy to draw me near to Him and reveal His unfailing Love for me.

Today, Mike and I give thanks daily for our thriving marriage and three sweet daughters. I will forever love Jesus whose mercy triumphs over judgement (James 2:13). I consider myself blessed to be a part of Help Club For Moms and share the Love, Grace, and Mercy that make my story beautiful.

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