Teach Your Children the 10 Commandments

Hello mamas! I love teaching my kids about the Bible, but honestly, sometimes it feels overwhelming to me or my kids feel bored by it. I want to make God’s Word exciting and relatable to where they are in their little lives right now! I always want His Word to be like sweet honey on their lips and a fire in their heart!

So, I want to share an idea and printable for you to use to make the Ten Commandments really come to life for your kids! Simply print these pages off and cut out the tablets (you can print on cardstock or glue to construction paper for more durability). 

Here’s the link for the 10 Commandments printables:

Ten Commandment First Tablet

Ten Commandment Second Tablet

Video for toddler ages- Read the story of how God gave Moses the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy 5 or watch the whole kids version of the story here 

Video for school-aged children- The Ten Commandments by PursueGOD Kids

Then simply let your kids act it out! There are also some cute songs on YouTube to help your little ones learn the Ten Commandments!

Just have fun and let your kids make a connection with the Bible this week! I am praying this lesson makes a lasting impression on the hearts of your children!

Deb Weakly

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