Teaching Session Two: Spiritual Parenting

Hello, Leaders,

We pray your groups are going well! Here is all you need for your next meeting covering the “Spiritual Parenting” devotionals on pages 45-72.

Watch the next teaching session video and then talk about the studies using the group discussion questions with your moms to go deeper into your study!

  • Click HERE  to watch the video!
  • Click HERE to access the Group Discussion Questions!
  • Don’t forget to remind your moms to do the fun activity, “Creating a Quiet Time Basket for Your Kids” and “Creating a Quiet Time Basket for Your Teens.” printable with their kids this week! You may also access it at myhelpclubformoms.com.
  • Click HERE to access “Mothering with Deb: Raising Daniels in Today’s World” teaching on the podcast.
  • Click HERE for “Marriage Tips with Randy and Deb: The Power of Praying with Your Spouse” on the podcast.
  • Click HERE for “Marriage Tips with Randy and Deb: Date Night Dreaming” on the podcast.

We are praying for your group! Please email us at admin@helpclubformoms.com with any questions!

We love you!!

Deb, Rae-Ellen, and the Team

Deb Weakly

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