Thankfulness Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thankfulness Photo Scavenger Hunt

Do you need a fun activity your kids can do while you make Thanksgiving dinner or spend time visiting with family? Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Print off the Thankfulness Photo Scavenger Hunt HERE!
  2. Grab a camera of some sort for each child or split up into teams and let the Thanksgiving fun begin!
  3. Give each team or child a copy of this photo scavenger hunt list.
  4. Ask them to check items off as they photograph things they are thankful for.
  5. Set a time limit if you would like, and encourage them to really think about it and get creative!
  6. Have them share their pictures with the family afterwards and talk about all of the ways we can thank God each and every day of the year.

Take a picture of something you are thankful for….

  • That is in nature
  • That smells amazing
  • That is bright and cheerful
  • That you can snuggle
  • That you like to read
  • That is a person you care about
  • That tastes delicious
  • That has been hard for you
  • That makes you laugh
  • That makes a beautiful sound
  • That makes you feel safe
  • That is your favorite color
  • That is special to you
  • That is a place you love
  • That you would like to share with others
  • That is older than you
  • That is fun to do with others
  • That you have learned


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