The Beloved Mom Day Three: For the Motherless and the Fatherless Ones

I asked the Lord today for an encouraging word for the moms who have lost a parent or never really had the support of a Christian mom or dad. I lost my mom emotionally to alcoholism when I was 10 and physically when she died when I was 20, so I have always felt like I was without a mom. I always needed mothering, and my heart goes out to those dear moms who need mothering too.

As I prayed, I felt the Lord say…

Dear one, you always have a home with your Heavenly Father; He will be your father and your mother when you feel abandoned or far away from your earthly one. Your parent may have died, been detached or unloving toward you, but the Father wants you to know that you have a home with Him. It might be a hard concept for you to understand: that God can somehow be your mother, but He can, and He will.

The Father’s lap is always open for you to crawl into. His arms will hold you closer than any mother ever could.

When you feel lost because you had no Christian role models for a parent, ask God to teach you as a mother and a father would have done.

He will teach you what you need to know as you raise your kids. He will parent you; He will lead you. You have a godly legacy with the Father; you have a heavenly head start, no matter what type of home you came from.

Let the Lord parent you so you can parent those entrusted to you with His wisdom and help. Call on Him like you would an earthly father or mother when you need advice.

No matter your season, whether you have littles or an empty nest, call on your Heavenly Father and ask Him to mother or father you so you can mother or father your own.

He will do it!

You have no lack in God!

You have everything you need!

Take His hand and walk with Him, and raise your kids together!

“My father and mother abandoned me. But you, Yahweh, took me in and made me yours.” Psalm 27:10 TPT

With love,

Deb Weakly and the Help Club for Moms Team


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Deb Weakly

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