The Gift of Love

“And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.”Luke 1:38 (ESV).

In his book, “The Four Loves”, C.S. Lewis describes something called gift-love. Gift-love is the type of love that longs to serve. It is the kind of love that neither looks for nor requires repayment. Love is entirely dependent on the giver, and the receiver only has to receive.

This is the kind of love God has for us. But God has also bestowed it in us so that we might love as God loves—and as we love like him, we become more like him. It is not a transactional love that declares, “I will do this for you if you do this for me.” Instead, it is a posture of the heart that simply says, “Let it be.” This is the mindset of Mary in our verse for today.

In spite of the fear and confusion that must have encircled her mind and heart like intricate cobwebs, Mary gives herself to God; not out of duty or obligation, but out of love. Oh what that moment must have been like! Can you imagine it?

Ladies, hear this! The gift-love of God actually produces love in Mary. Divine Love would become a babe in the womb; a child, the Savior, the Messiah, and Redeemer—Love came down to rescue you and me!

As I think of that moment, I can’t help but notice all the ways he loves us. I can’t help but praise. I can’t help but worship. I can’t help but to love him in equal measure.

Mamas, as we settle ourselves in for this last week before Christmas, in the hustle and bustle, keep the gift of his love close to your thoughts and your hearts. As you deck the halls, walk in winter wonderlands, and listen to sleigh bells ring, remember to give yourself to God, out of love, because of his love.

May your Christmas be blessed,

Susie and the Help Club for Moms Team

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