The right way to “EGG” your neighbors!

Here’s a fun and simple way to bring joy to your neighbors while teaching them the REAL meaning of Easter.


This DOES NOT mean throwing raw eggs at their house. Instead, you and your kids will hide 12 plastic eggs in their yard. 11 have prizes, one is empty. The empty egg represents Jesus’ empty tomb: He is RISEN!

Here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Find 12 plastic Easter eggs.

  • Fill 11 of them with candy or small prizes, leave one empty.

  • PRINT THIS DOOR HANGER and cut it along the dotted lines

  • Together with your children, sneak onto your neighbor’s lawn when they aren’t home, or when you are sure they won’t see you.

  • Have your children place the 12 plastic eggs on their front lawn.

  • Hang the Door Hanger Sign on their front door.

  • Ring the doorbell and hide, or simply wait for them to find this surprise on their own.

If your neighbors do not attend a local church, this is the perfect time to invite them to yours!

Have fun and Happy Easter!


Kathryn Egly and the Help Club for Moms team


This activity was found in theĀ Homefront magazine! This online magazine is full of fun, family-friendly ideas, recipes, and encouragement for parents.

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