The Wise Woman Knows: Teaching Session Three

Hello, Leaders,

We pray your groups are going well! Here is all you need for meeting number four covering the “Word of God” Bible studies and Mom Tips.

Watch this video and then talk about the studies using the “Group Discussion Questions” with your moms to go deeper into your study! The video and questions cover pages 45-66 in The Wise Woman Knows Bible study devotional.

Click this link to watch the video! 

Click this link to access the Group Discussion Questions!

Would you like to begin praying God’s Word over your children but don’t know where to begin? How about trying this handy “Scriptures to Pray for Your Children” printable. Make a copy and pass it out at your meetings. Tell your moms to keep it where they read their Bibles and to pick one or two Scriptures to pray per day this week! Click HERE to access the printable!

We are praying for your group! Please email us at with any questions!

Deb Weakly

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