Trust That God Is Working in the Unseen

I was looking out of my window this morning at my front yard. We just got another 14 inches of snow here in NE Ohio, so the ground is covered by a thick blanket of white. The snow is like a wrapped gift that only spring can open. It patiently waits to reveal all the engrained beauty that lives beneath, longing to break forth.
It made me think of all my perennials that are buried deep beneath the cold, hard ground. The bulbs are still there in the dormant season. They are quietly working and laboring to grow even larger and deeper root systems—preparing themselves for the right time and season to break forth from their hidden home and bloom.
Some of you feel like you’ve been praying for something: a need, a request, a healing, a dream, but it hasn’t come to pass. So, you think it is dead.
But my dear sisters, I am here to tell you that it is not dead, it’s just sleeping.
You see, it’s easy to worship God in the glory and vibrant colors of spring, when the golden fingers of the sun caress your face. But can you trust Him in the cold and gray of winter, when the sun hides for days, and the wind stings your cheeks?
Mamas, allow God to prepare you for what you have been praying for. Stay close to Him, pray, read His Word, and allow Him to work while you wait. God is doing miraculous things in the secret place so that you can continue to grow and expand your roots—anchoring them into the soil of His love and grace.
Be blessed in the winter season, my friend. Let God do what He needs to do in the invisible, so that you will be prepared for what He has planned for you when your spring arrives. You will find safety, peace, and comfort while you dwell in the secret place; allowing God to work all things together for your good.
There is no waste in the waiting. Have faith in the process.
Blessings as you allow God to work in the invisible,
Susie and the Help Club for Moms Team
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