Why Mentoring Matters

Mom, do you feel like you can’t do it all? It’s okay (and so good) to ask for help! We moms need help and we need to be poured into by a mentor- someone who has walked the road of motherhood and can walk beside us in our journey. Join Deb, Melissa, and Krystle for an encouraging chat about the importance of mentoring and how you can take steps to find each other. We need each other!

We love you and are praying for you!

The Help Club for Moms Team

Deb Weakly

One Comment on “Why Mentoring Matters”

  1. This was so helpful I have a spiritual mom from church with 8 adult children.. she prays and abides in wise counsel..
    I try to be a help to other women as well.
    Although I’m seasoned I have 4 teens and still need help with these stages..
    I am praying when I see young moms with little kids and encourage them when I see they are struggling.. praying to one day start a help moms group will be moving soon and praying for my home or new church to be a place for ministry amen

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