Word of God Mom Tips Week 1

Word of God Week 1 Mom Tips

“The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1a

One of the main components of the Help Club for Moms are the Mom Tips, which are practical ideas designed to help you to become all that God created you to be and are meant to enhance your life and role as a Christian woman, wife, mom, and homemaker.

Simply pray about which MomTips to do and do only those. One of the mottos of the Help Club for Moms is “You do you!” Go at your own pace. Do what you can, or more. It’s completely up to you! We all are in different stages of our lives.

Keep this list on your fridge all week. Pick one or two things  to try and check them off as you do them. 

 The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit:

Get Ready for the rest of the Faith-Filled Ideas and Moms tips by doing these two tips:

  • Download a voice recording app on your phone. If you do not have a smartphone, buy an inexpensive voice recording device.
  • Get a pad of spiral bound index cards and write Psalm 119:105 on it. Keep it at your kitchen sink this week so that you can see it often and commit it to memory.

 The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband:

  • Say Hello to your husband and family as soon as you hear them walk into the house for four days this week. Acknowledge them when they walk into the room. These little things let them know that they matter to you. Let them know that home is the BEST place to be because they are well loved by their family. Teach your children to say hello to one another too!  Days completed: 1._____ 2.______  3._____ 4.______

The Wise Woman Loves Her Children:

  • Pick a time this week to share with your children what you are learning in your Bible study this week. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your words and speak to your children’s hearts. Read your children Psalm 119:105. Tell them that knowing and reading the Bible helps us to know God better and gives us wisdom “light” for every step we take each day.
  • Share with them how important it is to memorize God’s Word so we can obey Him, live our lives for Jesus, and have a better life filled with God’s joy. Play your recording of the memory verse for the week for your children, and recite your verse in front of them so they can see that you are memorizing verses too.  Our children will do what we do! They are watching our lives and will imitate us- for better or worse.

The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home:

  • Know what’s for dinner by 9 am each day this week. Days completed: 1._____ 2.______  3._____ 4.______ 5._______
  • On Saturday, take a moment and plan out your menus for next week and your shopping list. Get your shopping done and chop all of your vegetables for the week ahead of time. List your meals here:

Monday         ________________________________________________________________

Tuesday        ________________________________________________________________

Wednesday  ________________________________________________________________

Thursday      ________________________________________________________________

Friday           ________________________________________________________________



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What’s your favorite Mom Tip this week? If you’ve tried it, how did it work for you?

Deb Weakly

3 Comments on “Word of God Mom Tips Week 1”

  1. This weeks Mom Tip about making a menu for the week seems to be bring a little order to the chaos in my house haha! Last night i searched dinner recipes on Pinterest and came up with a weeks worth of recipes! I can’t wait to see my husbands face when he walks in the door after work and dinner is ACTUALLY ready :))

  2. Yay for the Mom Tips!!! I am SO thankful for ALL of these wonderful ideas!!
    I wish I would have had a place like the Help Club when my children were growing up!

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