You Are the Image Bearer of God

Imagine the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit gathered together after all of creation was executed and perfected, to admire the very good work that they had accomplished.
Earth, perfectly placed in the universe with the exact amount of distance from the sun and the ideal atmosphere for sustaining life. Of all the galaxies and all the planets that God created, he chose ours for divine intervention.
Human beings, so complex and beautiful, of all the living creatures God created, he chose US to be his image bearers and his greatest masterpiece.
In a universe so vast and incomprehensible, God chose our planet to love because of us. I know you look at our world and realize how twisted and broken humanity has become. But do not grow weary my sisters, because we are still God’s greatest treasure.
Dear, sweet Mamas, if you are feeling far away from God today, I want this to sink down deep into the core of your soul, and into the marrow, he created all of this for YOU. You see he loves you so utterly and so completely and he can’t help it—it is just who he is.
Let the knowledge of this miraculously good news fall afresh on your tired spirit like the sweet dew of the morning on the thirsty blades of grass.
God is so big and we are so small but the immeasurable expanse of his love which is so high, so deep, and so wide wants to snuggle you under his protective wing and remind you that you are loved and you are going to be okay.
The psalmist wrote in Psalm 18:35, “Your right hand sustains me; you stoop down to make me great.” When the God of the universe stoops down to hold His precious child in his righteous right hand, it is only correct that we should stoop down on bended knee and meet our Father with unbridled joy and emotion.
ALL that God made was very good and that includes you, my dear friend. Whatever you are feeling when you look in the mirror, whatever negative emotions are swimming furiously in your mind, whatever someone says about you… remember…God said that you are good and you are his.
Blessings my fellow image bearers,
Susie and the Help Club for Moms Team
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