You Belong Here!

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” John 13:34

If you were here with me right now, I’d pour you a hot cup of tea and tell you three simple words:  You belong here.

I wish you could come over to my house so we could sit in my two comfy chairs and visit and talk heart to heart about the important job that you are doing with your children, whether you work a job to help support your family or stay at home full-time with your kids. Your work in your home is so important, and we’re here to meet you where you are to encourage you in your calling as a mom and point you to Jesus as the source of everything you need.

My prayer for you is that you will look at the devotions as a tool and as a warm hug from me and my friends here at the Help Club for Moms.  We are a community of like-minded women whose sole desire is to help you know the love of Jesus Christ on a new level- a personal one that is also practical- and become the woman, wife, and mother you were created to be.

As we walk through the devotionals together, you will learn how to cultivate a soul filled with God’s love.  You will have a new understanding of how to apply Scripture to your everyday life.

Together, we will learn how to love our husbands and children well, with wisdom and in the power of the Holy Spirit. You may be married or in a season of singleness.  You may feel battered and bruised by the scars of divorce or the rejection from the father of your child who chose not to take your hand in marriage.  Or maybe this is your second marriage, and you now have a new role- stepmom- and feel terrified about the prospect of helping raise a child you haven’t known all your life.

It matters not where you are in life right now- whether married, divorced, single, or remarried.  We are all in this together with God. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we will prayerfully guide you as you create a Christ-centered home- one that your kids will look back on with fondness as adults. Remember to always start with prayer, asking God to speak to your heart before you read the devotions.  Ask Him to give you something practical to take away and apply to your life each time you read.

Our band of sisters wants to come alongside you and encourage you every step of the way in your journey as a mom. We would love to keep this dialogue and conversation going through our online platforms on Facebook and Instagram, so please feel free to share what highlights have ministered to you!  Thank you so much. We are blessed by you!


Deb Weakly and the Help Club for Moms Team



Deb Weakly

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