Encountering Jesus with Deb and Linda

POWERFUL Podcast: “Experiencing Jesus”
Learning how to connect with Jesus changes everything! Join Deb and Linda for practical advice to help you learn to sense the presence of the Lord in your everyday life. He is with you, friend!

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3 Comments on “Encountering Jesus with Deb and Linda”

  1. I listened to this podcast and it was concerning. The Lord doesn’t tell us in scripture to do centering types of prayer and use imagination to meet him.
    Jesus being involved in our life & his creation isn’t based on us doing any of these things.
    I know that a few verses were referenced, but the majority of the podcast was not scripture based and out of love & concern, this is sounding a lot like mysticism which isn’t biblical.
    Leading people through sessions and how to basically summon Christ in our Minds eye not in scripture.
    When we look into his eyes, some of him transfers to us? What scripture talks about this?
    I know the intent is good, but I’m very concerned by the lack of scripture and encouraging people to do things the Bible doesn’t say to do.

    1. Hello Holly,
      Thank you for your comment and your concern. I wasn’t sure if you’ve been around Help Club for the last bit or not but this podcast was a final encouragement for the week of studies on encountering Jesus.

      For your convenience, here are the devotions for the week. There are many aspects to this topic and we only scratched the surface. There are also many Scriptures to help explain the concepts as well. Thank you again for being here!





    2. Hi Again, Holly,
      I forgot one of my favorite Scriptures that encourages me and makes me want to use my imagination for the Lord:

      “Jesus replied: “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind..” Matthew 22:27

      I am a firm believer that Jesus wants all of us- our thoughts are included in this as well. As humans, we can think of evil thoughts or God-honoring thoughts.

      When we choose to use our mind to imagine a scene in Scripture it is honoring to God.
      When we choose to picture Jesus in our minds, it is honoring to God.
      When we picture Jesus as we are worshipping Him it is honoring to God.
      When we talk with Him about every detail of our lives, it is honoring to God.

      There is no conjuring here; that is evil and offensive to God.

      Thank you for your input. I hope this helps.


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