Get Ready for Christmas!!

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14


Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. I’m an idealist and the holidays are truly my happy place. Christmas tree lights glistening in the dark of night make my heart feel all is right in the world. Turkey dinner with our favorite family dressing makes Thanksgiving memorable. Pumpkin patches and the tangible shift in seasons give a sense of hope and anticipation.

As moms we want our children to experience the holiday season’s best. But, some of us find we want to give more than we have. If we’re honest with ourselves, we may want to be Santa, Jesus, prosperity, goodness, and hope all wrapped up for our children to experience. So we save our big hopes and dreams offered as a bundle for our families.

Does it sound like too much? It is.

I remember taking our first child, a two-year-old, to a Christmas extravaganza downtown. I promised we’d buy one special decoration just for him. We (I) carefully chose a snow globe with an angel inside, partly because it was the only decoration within our budget!

The outing was grueling for this mom, seven months pregnant, but I was determined he would not miss out on life’s best opportunities. Once we finally made it home after sitting in rush-hour traffic and wondering about dinner – I carefully unwrapped his treasure. Next, I taught him the art of shaking his new gift and the patience for watching the glittery snow dance in the glass (yes, I said glass) covered toy.

He began to shake his odd new ‘toy’ with vigor. I headed to the kitchen partly because I was starving – planning ahead wasn’t my forte – and partly because the dinner hour had somehow arrived early.

You know how this story plays out, but I did not!

I have no memory of what we ate for dinner that night. But I still remember the crash, cries, and slivers of glass hiding in our carpet for days. Mostly, I remember how awful I felt. The whole ordeal had been too much. We salvaged the plastic angel from the broken globe. I’ve kept this little messenger all these years, which hangs on our Christmas tree. Our vintage angel serves as a sweet reminder of the reason we celebrate.

Luke 2:10 says,  “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”

We’ve been blessed with a big family, and through trial and error, I’ve grown into the role of managing holidays. I needed a strategy to help create an ideal holiday environment and not take precious energy reserved for daily life. So, I forged a plan to help keep our family on track, my heart in check, and holiday progress moving forward at a sustainable pace.

Recently I published Holiday Happening {21 Days to the Holiday of your Dreams} for moms who struggle with a busy life and big dreams.

Maybe you’re new to the role of motherhood and transforming a house into a holiday haven is beyond your reach. Maybe you have had a life transition, like a new baby or job transfer, and feel overwhelmed in the midst of it all. Maybe you have grown distracted and needed the courage to dream again. I understand.

In Holiday Happening I give the plan I have developed through the years to save me from myself and keep my focus on what matters most. Holiday frenzy is a thief and steals our greatest gifts. Especially in today’s crazy-busy world and uncertain political climate, moms need to provide a haven for their families.

Let’s define culture by drawing a line in the sand. Our children deserve better than what society offers and our Lord deserves the praise due His mighty name upon the celebration of His birth and our faith.

Holiday Happening is a 45-page downloadable pdf, printable for those of us who still enjoy paper. Priced at less than most drive-through meals, my holiday manual is affordable, accessible, and doable!

I know the steps in Holiday Happening are effective because I’ve put them to the test. Three years ago, after recovering from surgery, I used the 21-day approach to prepare our home and my heart for the holiday season. It worked!

Download your copy of Holiday Happening ebook for only $5.00 at For the price of one Starbucks coffee, you can get seasoned advice and plan of action adaptable to your life!




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7 Comments on “Get Ready for Christmas!!”

  1. I am so excited to read this and learn all that you have to teach us young moms! Thank you Debi!

    1. Courtney,
      I hope you enjoy the ebook. I’ve worked to provide a simple path for moms to follow. We need each other and it’s such a joy to see young moms care for their little ones and create a home.

    1. Mari Jo,
      I love what ya’ll are doing at Help Club for Moms. We need support as mothers and it’s a blessing to have a variety of voices. I hope you enjoy the ebook! Let me know how it works for you. 🙂

  2. This is fantastic Debi! I can’t wait to read your eBook. I love making Christmas and Thanksgiving special for my family! <3

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