Join Our Fall Mentoring Program!

Join the NEW Fall Mentoring Program at My Help Club and receive the mentoring and practical ideas you need!

We are so excited to share something really exciting here at Help Club for Moms!

Our ministry has launched a NEW mentoring platform that is helping moms become the Christian women, wives, and mothers they were created to be!

This fall, we are offering three special ways to join the fall discipleship program using our Mothering Kits:

  1. Individually! Join our Mothering Kit Subscription Membership yourself and follow along at your own pace! There’s a 15% off coupon going on right now that you may take advantage of over at
  1. Grab Two Friends and Start a Group! We have a special discount for our small groups! Complete our Mothering Kits each month as a small group – whether it be in-home or a church group! From now until September 15th, you may sign up yourself plus two friends as a group and receive 50% off for four months (September 1st- December 31st, 2023), for a cost of only $28. We also offer a special orientation for all of our small group leaders on Zoom Tuesday, August 22nd at 6 PM MDT! We will send you the link for the meeting after you register! Please click this link to receive the special discount code for your group:
  1. Join Deb’s Mothering Kit Discipleship Zoom Group! Join Deb and friends for a special once-a-month gathering on Zoom. The first meeting is Tuesday, August 29th, at 6:00 PM MDT. You will LOVE this group!

 Please click this link to register:

*One last thing- please don’t forget, as a Mothering Kit Member, you also have a special intercessor from our prayer team who will be contacting you soon, so check your email!

Please leave a comment or email us at if you have any questions.

Check out our Mothering Kits by visiting

We can’t wait to lock arms with you this season, mama. God has a lot in store for us!

Deb, Krystle, and the My Help Club for Moms Team

Deb Weakly

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