Mom Tip in Action: Pray for Your Man

Hey mamas! It’s Jackie, one of the writers here at the Help Club for Moms. I love sharing about prayer, and especially praying for our husbands- it’s so important!
I like to ask my hubby at the beginning and the middle of the week how I can pray for him, either before he leaves for work in the morning or with a simple text. My favorite times are when we get can sit down and talk about our needs and simply pray together. It fills my heart with so much gratitude! I think it’s truly one of the best ways to connect with your spouse and it has a lasting effect on your marriage.”
How about you mama? Take some time this week to pray for and with your man, then wait, watch, and see how God answers. The answer is sometimes immediate or sometimes slow to come. He wants good things for His children and He LOVES it when we keep praying and asking!
No matter what God’s answers are, know this- He is GOOD and loves you so much!
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