Prayers for a Mother’s Day: A Prayer for Your Husband

I’ve been married for almost twelve years now, and it’s so easy, especially in the throes of raising young kids, to forget to intentionally pray for my husband, but I know I need to.

The kind of prayers I want to pray for my husband aren’t necessarily the ones where I ask God to alleviate my frustration with him or to change his mind to agree with my way of thinking or for any element of his behavior or personality to change.  What I want to pray are specific prayers over my husband’s life that will help him to grow and become the man God created him to be.

How about you, Mama? What kinds of things do you find yourself asking God for on your husband’s behalf? Do you pray for him at all? Or is it very rarely? These are good questions to ask ourselves.

Usually, about once a year, Help Club goes through The Love Your Husband Challenge. Before this study, I hadn’t been very focused on praying regularly for my husband or even loving him with so much intentionality. Since then, however, I’ve made it a point to pray for him.

The Love Your Husband Challenge features some great Scriptures to guide that process. It’s also helped me make a plan for praying specific things over him, whether it’s about his job and the work of his hands or his role as a spiritual leader, or his relationship with the Lord.

I truly think it goes a long way to improving your relationship and even your view of your husband when you pray these kinds of things over them instead of focusing on what is negative or what you’d like to change—about him or his way of thinking!

We have a great printable that has a list of 10 Scriptures to pray over your husband as a guide, but you are absolutely welcome, and I encourage you to find some others that might bless your husband.

Please tune in to today’s podcast to listen as I read an example of how to pray Scriptures over our husbands, and then we’ll pray together over them at the end.

Click HERE for The Love Your Husband Challenge. 

Click HERE for the “10 Scriptures to Pray for Your Husband” printable.

With love,

Tracey Barski and the Help Club for Moms Team


Tracey Barski

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