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The City That Forgot About Christmas written by Mary Warren, illustrated by Rudolph Wendelin.

Hello Mamas! Christmas is my very favorite time of year for lots of reasons, but especially for reading. There is nothing more enjoyable than snuggling up with a cup of cocoa, a fluffy blanket, and your loved ones to read the many stories of the holidays. Every Christmas, my sweet mama makes a big deal about getting all of the Christmas books out, and reading through them with me. If you are looking for other reading resources for the holidays, I would highly recommend looking at this Christmas book list.


Here is this week’s book review and a few practical tips to implement with your kids:

What would happen if people forgot about what Christmas represents? What would happen if a whole town forgot about the spirit and the story of baby Jesus? In this book, a whole town forgets about every part of Christmas, and thus, it becomes an unpleasant place to live. All until one winter, when Old Man Matthew comes to town. He teaches the citizens many things, including the story of Christmas, and lots of the celebratory traditions that go with it! As Matthew spends time with the people, the town begins to become more pleasant once again. Matthew carves a life sized nativity scene to be unveiled on Christmas Eve in front of the entire town. On the day of Christmas Eve, Matthew sets up the whole nativity scene, but there is no baby Jesus, and no Old Man Matthew! The town has to decide what they think about all of his teachings, and also what the true meaning of Christmas is.


Mom’s Reading Tips:

  • Ask your little ones what their favorite part about Christmas is.
  • Create a tradition with them that can be repeated every year; make Christmas cookies for your kids to decorate, or string popcorn chains to adorn the Christmas tree.
  • Get a nativity set that you can let your kids play with and allow them to arrange it every year.
  • Wrap up Christmas books and give them to your kiddos to unwrap and read throughout the month of December!



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