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“The Missing Mitten” written and illustrated by Steven Kellogg


Hi Mamas! Chilly winters are a wonderful opportunity for you and your kids to spend quite a bit of time inside avoiding the cold temperatures and reading fun books.  Find a sunny spot in your house, grab your kiddos, and get lost in a paper winter wonderland!

Here is this weeks review, and how to get excited about reading with your kids!

Annie and her dog Oscar go on a quest in search of a missing mitten, checking all the usual suspects. They check the sledding hill, look all over the snow forts, and the mitten also isn’t on the snowman’s stick arms outside of Miss Seltzer’s house. But what if an eagle took the mitten for her nest? Or maybe a mouse took the mitten for a cozy sleeping bag! Maybe Annie could grow a mitten tree if she planted her other mitten, and give away the fruits to everyone! Or perhaps, maybe she will just need another pair of mittens. Will Annie and Oscar find her missing mitten, or will her one hand just have to remain exposed to the chill of winter?

Reading Tips for Moms:

  • If you have snow, plan a fun snow day with your kids to help them build a snow fort, have a snowball fight, or go sledding like Annie and her friends in this story! Be sure to finish the day with some hot chocolate:)
  • Ask your little ones what their favorite snow-day memory is and why. Even if you’ve heard the story a million times, let them give you the play by play and get excited for them as well!
  • Have your kids draw out, and design their own pair of mittens. Ask what little animal would use their mittens as a cozy sleeping bag! 
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4 Comments on “Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah”

  1. Such sweet times reading this story with my little ones way back when…. Never gets old! Thanks for sharing it Sarah 💕

  2. Love your review Sarah! So proud of your work Sounds like a book little children would love! Keep up the good work .

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