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Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah- Dragons Love Tacos

Hello! For this week’s book review, I chose one of my favorite books that is guaranteed to make you a smile. Too often we do things to just be done with them.  However, I really encourage you mamas to take your sweet time in reading with your kids! Immerse yourself in the story and characters, and your little ones will follow your lead. Let their imaginations run away with the words of the words on the page. Here is this week’s book review and some fun ideas to use with your kids!

Dragons Love Tacos- Written by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Everyone loves tacos, especially dragons! But if you want to make them their favorite snack, you need to know what kinds of tacos they like. Do they enjoy spicy salsa? What about mini tacos? There is only one way to find out: throw a taco party and see how it turns out! You can bring all the toppings, and your guests will probably eat them all. The best way to measure how many tacos you should bring is to fill a boat. That’s just about how many you will need. So how is your party going to go? There is only one way to find out…

Reading Tips for Moms:

  • Throw a taco party for you, your kids, and invite some of their friends too! Regardless of age and gender, secretly kids like tea parties, and a taco party would be a fun twist on one! If there is no specific reason you need to celebrate anything, yet you host a party just because – that tends to stick in the memories of kids!
  • Have your kiddos make invitations to their party, and give them to their friends. Be sure that tacos are drawn all over to really send a clear message of what the party is about.
  • Allow yourself to have fun at the taco party too. Put on festive music and wear colorful clothing!

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