Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah: God Gave Us Easter

Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah

Hello Mamas! It is almost Easter time, and even more specifically, Resurrection Sunday! Easter, much like Christmas, has become a holiday that is highly materialistic and we need to be careful as a family to not allow that to be the focus of our day. Easter baskets, Easter eggs, and Easter bunnies have somehow begun to push aside the real celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. I would encourage you to start preparing you and your family’s hearts for a time of celebration and thanksgiving.  Begin to approach Easter as a holiday that is enormously more important than Cadbury eggs!

Here is this week’s book review, and it is all about the importance of Resurrection Sunday!

God Gave Us Easter, written by Lisa Tawn Bergren, illustrated by Laura J. Byrant

Little Cub has always loved Christmas because she loves that Jesus decided to come and be amongst his children. She also gets excited about Easter but doesn’t fully understand why until Papa Bear begins to talk to his Little Cub about the reasons why Easter is celebrated. They go on an adventure that lays out the purpose of Christ’s death and how He is raised back up to life so that all His followers can also live in fullness! Jesus’ life also allows His followers to openly communicate with Him, and Papa Bear tells Little Cub about how God speaks in whispers to his heart. But can Little Cub hear God in her heart too? And what does Jesus’ voice sound like? What does He say to a little polar bear cub at Easter?

Reading tips for moms:

  • Easter is a huge celebration for Christians, I encourage you to study the story of the Holy Week, as well as Jesus’ actual crucifixion before reading this book with your kids. Prepare yourself to be able to answer the questions that your kids might have about this book and the story of the end of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.
  • Tell your kids how you feel like God speaks to your heart. Is it through music? Nature? Counting your blessings? Your kids might start to look for God’s voice in those same areas too if you share your heart with them!
  • Ask your little ones what they think Jesus says to them. What do you, mama, hear God saying to you about them? Speak truth over their lives whenever you get the chance!

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