Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah: I Love You So Much

Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah

Hello mamas! Springtime is here, and along with it the hustle and bustle of energetic little ones who just cannot wait for it to be summer (myself included)!
As life starts to speed up, I would encourage you not to get so wrapped up in crossing off all the things on your to-do lists, or get so focused on sticking to a schedule that you forget about taking some intentional time to tell your kids, individually, that you love them. Remind them over and over. Shower them with hugs, and sweet sunshiney smooches. Bless them with your attention, and give them moments that are worth slowing down for. I promise that they will remember them!

Here is this week’s book review, and some ways to interact with the story and your little ones:

I Love You So Much, written by Carl Norac and illustrated by Claude K. Dubois

When Lola woke up this morning, her fuzzy baby chipmunk cheeks were all puffed up with something sweet. The words that filled her were something very special, and she could not wait to share them! As she gets ready for school, she wants to share her words, but her parents are very busy. What about the other chipmunks at school? Maybe they would like her words! Or maybe they would not. What happens if Lola cannot find someone special enough to share her sweet words with? Will they turn rotten and stale? If Lola keeps them in any longer, she may just explode!

Reading Tips for Moms:
Ask your kiddos what they think “love” means. What do you think it means, Mama? Share with them what it means when you tell your little ones you “love” them, and how that blesses you.

Have your kids make a list of people that they love, and hang it up on your fridge as a reminder of how many people you have to be grateful for! Be sure to ask about friends, family, and even include pets too:)

After reading this book together, write a note to each of your kids mirroring Lola’s special words as a reminder of how much you love them, and how important you think it is to tell them! Stick the note in their lunchboxes, or on their bathroom mirror or somewhere they can see it.

Sarah LaCroix

Hello! My name is Sarah LaCroix, and for as long as I can remember, very little gets me as excited as children’s books do! Creativity and imagination are some of God’s biggest blessings for his children, and I cannot wait to share with you some of my favorite books and lessons through those stories.

I am a senior at Colorado Christian University, and am hoping to write and illustrate my own children’s books someday soon! I grew up in a tiny hippy town in the middle of the Rockies with incredible parents, and a sweet little sister. I cannot wait to someday get to read to my own kiddos, and my desire is that I might get to help you mamas take a look through the lens of imagination to explore the world with your kids!
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