Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah: The Kissing Hand

Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah

Hello Mamas! Its almost Valentines day, which means it is time to break out the dark chocolate and give out extra smooches to your little loves! When I was younger, I remember my mom always made a big deal about Valentine’s day in our house as a reason to make fun cards for each other, have a special breakfast before school, and excessively tell my little sister and me how loved we are by our mom and dad. To this day it is still very important to her! She is coming to visit me this weekend at my new home to give me a Valentine’s gift. Mom’s have an awesome opportunity to give an example of what “true love” looks like in a family capacity to their kiddos.

With that in mind, the book for this week’s review is all about love between a mom and her baby. Grab some chocolate hearts, and cuddle up with your little loves as you dive into this week’s book!

Here’s this week’s book, and some ways to make the story interactive with your kids!

The Kissing Hand, Written by Audrey Penn, illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

In the forest, little animals go to school at night in an old tree lit by fireflies. Chester is a baby raccoon who is sad to leave his mama and his home to go to school. But Mama Raccoon tells him a very old family tradition that was passed down from her grandmother to her mother to herself – the kissing hand. Mama Raccoon gives Chester a piece of her love that will stick with him all the while he is at school, even after he washes his little hands. But is this sign of her love enough for Chester to leave her and want to go to school?

Mom’s Reading Tips:

  • Get your crafting on, and make Valentine’s cards for the other members of your family with a meaningful message inside of how much they’re valued and adored! ( See how big you can make a card, how many hearts you can draw, etc.)
  • Write little love notes to your kids and leave them places where they can randomly find them throughout their day. My mom always left different notes on our mirrors in the morning!
  • Ask your kiddos what kind of forest animal they would be if they were in the story, then implement the kissing hand! It is such a sweet gesture of how much you love them even while you’re not immediately with them.

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