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You Are Special written by Max Lucado, illustrated by Sergio Martinez.

Hello sweet moms!

When I was a young child, and even throughout my high school years, my most treasured memories were getting lost in the pages and pictures of stories read aloud to me by my mom. Not only did children’s books grow my imagination significantly, but they also gave my mom and I an imaginary world to get lost in and experience together. Statistics also show that the children who were read aloud to by their parents are almost all more likely to form positive associations with books later on in their lives.

Mamas, one of the greatest gifts you can ever give your kiddos is the encouragement to be curious about the world around them, and think fantastically about the worlds inside their own heads! Reading with them gives you such a meaningful chance to ask them about what they think about the characters, tell them about the history, and work out the plot of a story. It also is such an awesome platform for you to start talking about the story of the Gospel, and how that is the most important story of all. With that in mind, I get to start suggesting some of my favorite children’s books, from different reading levels for you moms to use as a resource for reading materials with your sweet kids!

If you are interested in other sources for reading materials, I would recommend subscribing to Read-Aloud Revival’s Read-Aloud Booklist! Read-Aloud Revival was created by a mom who enjoys reading aloud to her six kiddos and has composed an online list. She also hosts a podcast. Click here to check it out!

 Here’s this week’s book review and how to use it with your kids:

Ages K-2nd grade
One of the most important lessons you can teach your kids is how special and unique they are – not only to you as their mom, but also how purposefully and carefully created they are by God. You Are Special is written by Max Lucado, and illustrated by Sergio Martinez and tells the story of the Wemmicks, small people carved uniquely out of wood by their creator Eli. The Wemmicks live their lives to judge each other by sticking star stickers on those who are successes, and dark spots on short fallings. One Wemmick in particular, Punchinello, has received mostly bad marks his whole life and is saddened by his judgments until he meets Lucia – a Wemmick with no stickers at all. Lucia tells Punchinello where he can go, and who he should talk with to also stop his stickers from sticking. Punchinello embarks on a journey to escape the judgment of the Wemmicks, and find out who he truly was made to be!

Mom’s Reading Tips:
– Reading to your kids right before they go to bed is such a good way to end your crazy day! It gives you a chance to snuggle up and enjoy the quiet. As a child, knowing that my mom would read me a story was always a great incentive to get ready for bed…otherwise, bedtime was not as fun!
– Ask your kids who their favorite character in the story is and why.
– Ask your kids who they think Eli’s character represents in the story, and then tell them how his character and love for Punchinello is similar to God’s love for them.
– Talk about what the significance of the spots and stars are, and remind them you love them regardless of their spots, and so does Jesus!



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