Special Content: Holidays with the Help Club

Thank you for joining the Help Club for Moms Community on YouVersion! We hope you enjoyed our Holidays with the Help Club plan! Here are several resources that accompany this plan.

If you would like to join us in the Holidays with the Help Club Bible study, you can purchase the book on Amazon for $11.99 HERE.

Day 1- Please print out the “Thankful Scriptures for Thanksgiving”  HERE.

Day 3- Check out this article “Celebrating Advent During a Busy Christmas Season” to find resources for Advent ideas HERE.

Day 6-  Print out the “10 Scriptures to Savor This Christmas” HERE.

Day 7- For a meaningful Christmas Tradition to share with your kids click HERE.

We hope you have a great holiday season!!

Deb Weakly

5 Comments on “Special Content: Holidays with the Help Club”

  1. Thank you Deb. I so much enjoyed this study, so many pearls of wisdom. Walking with Jesus is a journey and this study helped me to keep moving forward. You and the HCFM Team are such a blessing.

    1. Thank you DJ! I appreciate you!! I am so very thankful we don’t have to walk alone. Jesus is our very best Friend who cares so deeply about us. More than anyone else!! I love that about Him!

    1. Hi Jody,
      I’m so glad you found what you needed from the Help Club for Moms during the holidays. Please keep joining us as we venture through 2020. Thank you for commenting and letting us know that this is helpful information.
      In Christ,
      Faith Leonard
      Help Club for Moms Team

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