Teach Your Kids About Jesus this Summer!

Did you know that only 4% of Christian families (according to Arizona Christian University) regularly take the time to teach their kids about Jesus? Help Club for Moms wanted to find a way to help that statistic! Our kids need to know about the love of Jesus within the walls of our homes. It’s the place they feel most at peace and comfortable with deeper conversations.

Join our Mothering Kit for discipleship tools to make your job easier! Our tools are easy and quick and will help you to have fun with your kids while you teach them about God! Remember, you get 14 days free when you sign-up! Take full advantage of that and print off every single discipleship tool we have to offer – you will enjoy it, mama! The fruit that comes from teaching your kids about the Lord is joy-producing! We are praying for you, mama!
Click HERE to sign up for the Help Club for Moms Mentoring Program and start receiving your Mothering Kits today!
Deb Weakly

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