The Wise Woman Believes Reading Schedule and Info

Hello Friends!

We are really looking forward to spending this semester together strengthening our faith!

Don’t forget to watch the orientation video. Click this link to watch! 

Be sure to print out The Wise Woman Believes Reading Schedule!

Click this link to print page one of the reading schedule.

Click this link to print page two of the reading schedule.

If you are leading a group, be sure to print out the Meeting Schedule Topics. Click here to print. 

If you would like to join a Zoom Mentoring Group to go through the book, please click on the group that’s best for you:

Deb’s Mentoring Group on Zoom for the United States moms (evening group) 

Deb’s Mentoring Group for International and US moms wanting a daytime group. 

Click this link if you would like to join Deb’s Mentoring Group for Small Group and Church Leaders.

Questions? Email us at

We can’t wait to get started!

With Love in Christ,

The Help Club for Moms Team


Deb Weakly

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