You Are Not Alone

A valley is a low place or a depression between two mountains or hills. Both geographically and spiritually, the valley makes us think of being in a place that is low and far away from God who resides on the mountaintop.
This psalm is often read at funerals, but today, sweet sisters, I want to show you that this verse has more to do with life than it does with death. Notice that we are walking through the valley. We are not stopping, we don’t die there, and God does not leave us there.
In the Near East, including Israel, sheep grazing is seasonal. The shepherd leads the sheep into the mountains in the summer and down into the valley in the fall. We are the sheep and Jesus is our shepherd and He leads us from the mountain into the valley and back up the mountain again—from glory to glory.
Shepherds often have to take their sheep through dangerous territory to reach water or a good pasture. Sometimes He leads us into ravines where the predators are hiding in steep slopes that block out the light and create dark shadows. But the sheep are not afraid. Why? Because the Shepherd, our mighty Savior, Jesus Christ, is with us every step of the way, protecting us from the schemes of the enemy.
Mamas, if you are going through a valley season today, just know that it is all part of our walk with the Lord. He guides us from mountaintop to valley seasons for a reason. I know there are some of you who are experiencing the death of something—a relationship, a job, a dream, but the Shepherd has not abandoned you.
Jesus is right there with you. He is leading you and guiding you through this valley season but you aren’t stuck there forever. You are walking through it and you will come out on the other side and find yourself going up to the next mountain again.
You WILL survive this season. Trust the shepherd and follow Him wherever He leads and trust that He is with you and protecting you through the light and through the shadow; through the valley and on the mountaintop!
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  1. Hi , im beverly
    One of the leader of our church … im so glad to be part of this club ..
    First time here thanks for the message ..glory to God!

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