Hold Onto Your Faith, Mama!

Hello Mamas,

When we face the unknown, human nature can be to panic and scramble to find something to make us feel in control and comfortable. Chaos has a funny way of bringing out the best and the worst in people. Do you agree?

With everything going on in today’s world I feel that we are all on edge in one way or another. We don’t know what tomorrow or even next week will bring. We don’t know how to really “plan” when everything is so up in the air.

It makes me stop and think about what Jesus and the disciples went through during this week. Everyone around Jesus was facing a huge “unknown”. They had a vague understanding of what Jesus was going to face. Can you imagine the uncertainty and unsettledness mixed with chaos and grief they must have been feeling leading up to Jesus’ predicted death and resurrection?

They were faced with a HUGE test of faith. They were hanging onto every word Jesus said. They had to believe that what He said was, in fact, going to happen.

The fear and wonder of all the unknowns and the sorrow of anticipated loss had to consume them leading up to His death and resurrection. They followed Him the best they could. They ran and they scattered and Peter denied Jesus three times. I think they totally lost heart when He died. How devastating those three days must have been. But Jesus didn’t stay in the grave! He rose triumphantly! We can have faith today because of His resurrection!

No matter how scared we may be in any situation we HAVE to hold on to our faith. We will continue to hold on to God and His promises.

Holy Week always brings out the emotion in me as I grieve with Jesus’ death and how He must have felt and how it would have been seeing everything transpire. Then, of course, I’m brought to the explosive joy of the resurrection. Can you just sit in that with me for a bit? Stop and take time to really appreciate the sacrifice that was made for YOU. It’s truly humbling and really makes you stop to appreciate this week.

We have been truly blessed this week with our speakers and the studies that have been written for us to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that was made for all of us. I have been blown away with the words of wisdom and have really tried to soak up everything this week.

Now that we are nearing the weekend, what messages have stuck in your mind? What have you been focusing on this week? How can we pray for you all?

With much love,

Danielle Novotny and the Help Club for Moms Team

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3 Comments on “Hold Onto Your Faith, Mama!”

  1. Look forward to learning and growing my faith in this area and gift of being a bonus mom.

    1. So happy you are here!! I hope you are able to grow with us through your journey as a Bonus Mom! It is such a great role!

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