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“My help comes from the Lord” Psalm 121:2a

Our dear friend, this life you have is so precious; it is such an amazing gift, but it is not always easy.  Some days the pressures of motherhood seem to outweigh the beauty. Sometimes the struggles of marriage appear to overshadow the joy.  There are moments when your faith feels weak, days in which you need God more than ever but seem to want Him less. These days, all you can do is look to the Savior and cry out “Help!”.

It is in these moments that His strength is most evident in our lives as women.  He is able to lead us and guide us to a higher path – His path for us. As we journey closer each day to being with Him, He gives us His Word, the Holy Spirit, and sisters to walk alongside of us, to be our cheerleaders, to throw us a lifeline of hope.  Let The Help Club for Moms book be that God-given beacon of hope in your day. Let the words on these pages cheer you on in becoming the woman of faith, the wife, the mother and the friend you have always longed to be, the woman God has created you to be!

The Help Club for Moms book is written by moms for moms.  It is a movement of women linking arms with other women to lift each other up and spur each other forward in growing closer to the heart of Jesus.  In these pages, you will find biblical encouragement for so many situations you face in your daily life, inspiration from sisters who have walked the road you are on right now, and practical ideas to help you along the way.

During a time in which it is so easy to feel alone, let The Help Club for Moms book surround you in friendship and hope.  Join us in seeking Jesus through all of the beauty and mess this life has to offer! Welcome to the club friends, we are so glad you are here.

The Help Club for Moms book is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold!  

And find more information about the book right HERE! 

Tara Davis

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  1. I came crossed your website on a plan in the you version bible app. I’m so happy I came acrossed it excited to start my plan in the app and explore the website and gain new knowledge as a wife and mother.

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